Ramadan is a holy month esteemed for its blessings and rewards and is awaited throughout the year. We anticipate this sacred time to earn countless rewards through prayers and devotion to the Almighty.

However, amidst these spiritual reflections, it’s crucial to remember the impoverished communities grappling with severe water scarcity. This month offers a distinctive opportunity for us to extend our blessings to those facing challenging times.

Embarking on this noble journey, Freedom Wells is dedicated to alleviating the hardships of water unavailability, particularly in parched areas like Yemen. This Ramadan, join us in this vital cause. Your contribution addresses the urgent need for water, and you can earn countless rewards for spreading joy within Muslim communities.


Zakat stands as a fundamental obligation in Islam. This required practice serves to cleanse one’s wealth and utilize it for the betterment of the less fortunate in various vulnerable areas. The act of donating Zakat is highly encouraged during the month of Ramadan.


 Water scarcity is a critical concern that demands serious attention. Freedom Wells is constructing large-scale water wells to establish sustainable water resources to confront this urgent issue in Yemen. This Ramadan, unite with Freedom Wells in supporting this cause and earn countless rewards.


Sadaqah Jariyah is an enduring form of charity that transcends time. Your support for Freedom Wells means you’re partaking in this ongoing act of generosity. With every drop from the wells constructed through your contribution, you’re sowing the seeds of perpetual rewards.


Fidya, an essential act in Islam, is a form of compensation for those unable to observe fasting during Ramadan due to illness or other valid reasons. This charitable payment is made as a gesture of goodwill and ensures that those unable to fast can still partake in the blessings of Ramadan.


Kaffarah is compensation required for not keeping the fast or breaking it without any valid reason. To fulfill this obligation, one must fast continuously for 60 consecutive days or feed 60 people in need.


Fitrana, also known as Zakat ul-Fitr, holds a pivotal role in Islam. It is a mandatory charitable contribution intended to purify the fasted person from indecent acts or speech and assist the less fortunate. This fixed donation, which is $5, must be paid by every Muslim before the Eid prayer.